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Here are the rest of the titles I've written.  All are available as eBooks, with links for Kindle, Nook, and Kobo listed for each book.  You might also find some paperback copies for sale, as well as audio books.  Hope you enjoy them.  Happy reading!



"After the Lightning"

in the anthology AFTERSHOCK

in the very excellent company of Debra Cowan and Sharon Sala


Also available for  Nook  and  Kobo

After the Lightning by Janis Reams Hudson

Hailey Cameron fears she's fried more than a few brain cells after she's struck by lightning and begins hearing voices. Experience has made former police detective Aaron Trent more accepting of this newfound ability than Hailey is. Especially since her gift might help him stop an underground child-smuggling ring. But has fate brought them together for another reason as well?

Penance by New York Times bestselling author Sharon Sala

After being shot, Nicole Masters's "penance" for cheating death dictates that she must help others—even if it means putting herself in danger. Now she and Detective Dominic Tucci—a neighbor determined to make Nicole accept her new gift—team up to rescue an innocent child before time runs out.…

Seeing Red by Debra Cowan

A near-death experience has firefighter Cass Holister witnessing fires before they happen. But it's proving harder to deal with Ben Wyrick—a man she once walked away from who is now investigating the blazes—than it is to handle her new talent!



Also available for:  Nook  and  Kobo


Amanda Barnett had everything a little girl ever wanted. She had a big, strong daddy and lived on a Wyoming ranch. She even had a horsie to ride. But Amanda was lonely, because the one thing she didn't have was a mommy to love her. So, when she and her daddy met pretty Carly Baker, it seemed like a dream come true. Neither Tyler Barnett nor his solemn daughter could resist Carly's warm, loving ways. Could she be the one person who could touch the heart of Tyler's little girl... and turn his daughter's frown into laughter once more?  And what about his own heart?  Could Carly mend that, too?

"Ms. Hudson fills her romantic offering with tender moments, wonderful characters and slow-burning passion."  4 Stars  —Pamela B. Cohen, Romantic Times Magazine



Also available for  Nook  and  Kobo


Anna Collins is an uptight, no-nonsense bookkeeper who carries heavy responsibilities, struggles financially, and has no real concept of "fun."

Gavin Marshall is a wealthy, carefree, fun-loving practical-joker.

How can these two people possibly be attracted to one another?  Yet, while Anna learns, at Gavin's insistence, how to have fun, Gavin starts having some very serious thoughts about the woman who is is opposite in nearly every way.

She never knew how to laugh—until Gavin.  And he never knew how to love.  Until Anna.

"Janis Reams Hudson's utterly irresistible hero, emotional depth and rousing good time make until you...quite enjoyable reading."  —Pamela Cohen, Romantic Times Magazine


Rangely, Colorado



Also available for  Nook  and  Kobo


Rangely, Book 1


When Kat Comstock arrives in Rangely, Colorado, she takes one look at the man across the street and determines that he is the man she intends to spend the rest of her life with. But Deputy Sheriff J.D. Ryan has other ideas. Once burned, twice shy. Now, if he can just figure out how to stop himself from falling in love with her.

"Plenty of spark, sizzle and humor to keep readers well entertained." 4 Stars  —Pamela Cohen, Romantic Times

The setting for this book, Rangely, Colorado, where I grew up, is a real place with its own home page.
Check it out by clicking here





Also available for  Nook  and  Kobo


Rangely Book 2


When Beth Martin returns to her hometown of Rangely, Colorado, after disappearing 16 years earlier, she braces herself for running into the high school sweetheart who she was told jilted her and married her best friend. Luke Ryan, now Dr. Ryan, who has never been married, has hated Beth for 16 years for walking out on him. But one look at her and he knows he's never gotten her out of his blood. One look at the fifteen-year-old boy at her side and he knows he's been cheated out of much more than the girl he loved. He's been cheated out of his own son, the son he never knew existed. 

"A moving tale of lies, secrets and love . . . Hudson's characters and the powerful emotional intensity make this . . . very good reading."  — Pamela Cohen, Romantic Times

The setting for this book, Rangely, Colorado, where I grew up, is a real place with its own home page.
Check it out by clicking here




Tribute, Texas


Also available for  Nook  and  Kobo

Winning Dixie

Tribute, Texas, Book 1


When millionaire Wade Harrison woke from transplant surgery, his first words were, "Hug my boys." But he had no boys! Convinced his new heart was telling him to look after his donor's sons, he headed to Tribute, Texas, to set up their secret college fund…and met their beautiful mother, Dixie McCormick, who really set his pulse racing!

Dixie sensed something oddly familiar in the handsome stranger, and gave him a job washing dishes in her busy diner. When Wade finally confessed the truth, she didn't know what to think—she'd already fallen for him. But now Wade faced a difficult decision—return to his life in New York society, or follow his heart into Dixie's loving arms….

Tribute TEXAS
Where heroes are made…

" emotional packs quite a wallop, especially the ending."  4 Stars —Catherine Witmer, Romantic Times Magazine



Also available for  Nook  and  Kobo

Finding Nick

Tribute, Texas, Book 2


Injured New York firefighter Nick Carlucci had long ago retreated to quiet Tribute, Texas, determined to escape his demons. He was done with remembering—and feeling. And then beautiful reporter Shannon Malloy hunted him down—and got him back to doing both.

Shannon refused to let Nick avoid her. She was intent on unlocking the secrets he kept—secrets that tied in to her own painful past. But when the tenacious reporter finally gained full access to the elusive hero, would she get more than a story—say, maybe a one-way ticket to Nick's heart?

Tribute TEXAS
Where heroes are made…

"Likeable yet flawed characters and a believable conflict keep things interesting.  The real impact, however, comes from the raw, honest references to 9/11."  4 ½ Stars  —Catherine Witmer, Romantic Times Magazine



Also available for  Nook  and  Kobo

Riley and His Girls

Tribute, Texas, Book 3


When her best friend was nominated for a Bronze Star one year after her death, Amy Galloway went to Tribute, Texas, to support her friend's widower—and children. Never one to put down roots, Amy was surprised by the warm welcome she received from builder Riley Sinclair and his adorable daughters.

But Amy hadn't expected to be attracted to handsome Riley. Nor had she expected the girls to treat her almost like…well, like a mom. And as the Sinclairs drew her further into their circle of love, Amy began to realize that Tribute might just be the home she'd been searching for all her life….

Tribute TEXAS
Where heroes are made…

"...timely and deeply touching, but it has plenty of sweetly humorous moments too.  Keep a tissue handy."  4½ Stars  Catherine Witmer, Romantic Times Magazine



The Men of the Cherokee Rose


Also available for  Nook  and  Kobo

The Daddy Survey

The Men of the Cherokee Rose, Book 1



"Are you single?"
Sloan Chisholm stared down at the little girl in the roadside café. She and her younger sister were as cute as all get-out. But their mother was a knockout, and Sloan knew he was a goner when he impulsively invited Emily Nelson and her daughters to stay at his Oklahoma ranch….

Why had the handsome rancher opened his home to Emily and family without even a reference? He clearly had more than a job in mind when he asked the hardluck widow to cook for him, his grandmother and two brothers. The big surprise was how passionately Emily desired him. In Sloan's arms, she was rediscovering love, and teaching her irresistible host what hearth and home really meant….

"Each character is warm and likeable, but Libby and Janie steal the show with their touching and humorous antics."  4½ Stars  Susan Mitchell, Romantic Times Magazine



Also available for  Nook  and  Kobo

The Other Brother

The Men of the Cherokee Rose, Book 2



Neighbor to the Cherokee Rose ranch all her life, Melanie Pruitt had a special relationship with each Chisholm brother. Sloan was her crush, Justin, her fun pal, and Caleb, her best friend in the whole world. But when a simple dance with Caleb at Sloan's wedding reception led to an unexpected and steamy kiss, it stunned them both. Were they friends or lovers? Aroused and confused by their earth-shattering kiss, Melanie soon realized Caleb meant to woo her. The last thing she wanted, though, was to lose her best friend—even if it meant gaining the man of her dreams. Would Melanie fend off Caleb and his Chisholm charm, or end up in his arms—forever?

"...a warm, romantic story of friends falling in love.  Clever repartee, some nasty bad guys and lots of sizzle make this latest in The Men of the Cherokee Rose series shine!"  4½ Stars, Top Pick!  Susan Mitchell, Romantic Times Magazine


Also available for  Nook  and  Kobo

The Cowboy on Her Trail

The Men of the Cherokee Rose, Book 3


Small town girl Blaire Harding had always kept bad boy Justin Chisholm at arm's length. But after months of wooing, she finally agreed to let him into her life—and her bed. After one remarkable night, Blaire avoided the youngest Chisholm brother like the plague, leaving Justin to wonder why…. When he discovered that Blaire was in the family way, the rogue of Cherokee Rose was eager to do the right thing and marry her. But the independent Miss Harding would rather raise her baby alone than marry a man who didn't love her. Could this cowboy convince her that he cared? Or would he end up trailing her across the state of Oklahoma?

" honorable, stand-up hero to sigh over and an independent heroine to cheer for."  4½ Stars  —Susan Mitchell, Romantic Times Magazine


The Wilders of Wyatt County



Also available for  Nook  and  Kobo


Meet the Wilders of Wyatt County, Wyoming, in this first book of Janis Reams Hudson's stunning new series about family loyalty, honor, and love:

When Belinda Randall shows up to help her widowed brother-in-law take care of his three sons, it's obvious that she has a Wyoming-size soft spot for her beloved nephews—and that she doesn't care one whit about their dad.  But what Belinda has hidden for so long, even from herself, is her true feelings for rugged rancher Ace Wilder.  For he is the only man who makes her feel alive when he holds her in his arms.  And now that their sparring is setting off passionate sparks, is there a place for Belinda in Ace's hardened heart?

< About the cover:  Lest you're wondering, the hero is on the back, and, yes, he's a hunk!  (There's another little boy back there with him, too.)

"...filled with fast dialogue and disarming characters."  —Pamela Cohen, Romantic Times Magazine




 Also available for Nook  and  Kobo

Price of Honor

Wilders of Wyatt County Book 2


Vivacious beauty Rachel Wilder and achingly handsome Native American Grady Lewis had long shared their dreams and secrets. Their childhood pledge to never part would one day become their marriage vows. But their plans turned to dust when Grady left town with the one secret Rachel wouldn't let him share, and returned with a pint-size spitting image who was…his son?

Now, years later, a twist of fate had given Grady a chance to set things right. Could their love survive? Would Grady forgive Rachel for not giving him the chance to tell her the truth about his beloved mystery child?

WILDERS OF WYATT COUNTY: Their hearts are as big as the wild Wyoming sky!

"...keeps readers' emotions flowing via powerful scenes, generously drawn characters and strong conflict.  Keep a tissue handy.  4½ Stars Top Pick!  —Pamela Cohen, Romantic Times Magazine



Also available for  Nook  and  Kobo

A Child on the Way

Wilders of Wyatt County Book 3


From the moment the rugged rancher swept Lisa Hampton into his arms and out of a raging blizzard, she'd never felt safer in her life. Pregnant, alone, and without a memory, what woman couldn't use a knight right about now…?

Wary Jack Wilder was no knight; he did what any man would have done in his boots. But Jack couldn't deny that the feisty beauty and her unborn child had pierced right through his armored heart. Funny thing—for a man who'd sworn off women, he found himself wanting to protect Lisa and her baby…today, tomorrow…forever.

"Janis Reams Hudson weaves together good character development and strong romantic elements."  —Pamela Cohen, Romantic Times



  Also available for  Nook  and  Kobo


Fun-loving bachelor Trey Wilder was in for the surprise of his life when he discovered he was the father and sole guardian of a two-week-old baby girl! But what did an alfalfa farmer know about babies? Luckily, teacher Laurie Oliver was more than happy to show him….

Laurie intended to help Trey with his newborn only until the fall school season started, yet suddenly she found herself at the receiving end of a marriage proposal. But Laurie's visions of marriage were formed from love, not convenience….

Still, Trey's cobalt blue eyes and ruggedly handsome looks tripped her pulse like never before. Was it only a matter of time before business turned into pleasure…and permanence?

"Fan favorite Ms. Hudson pens another winner with striking characters and powerful emotional scenes."  4 Stars  —Pamela Cohen, Romantic Times Magazine



Also available for:  Nook  and  Kobo

The Last Wilder

Wilders of Wyatt County Book 5



Sheriff Dane Powell stumbled upon sassy Stacey Landers snooping around private property. And the stunning trespasser wouldn't divulge what she was doing on Wilder land. Dane's big dilemma was whether to arrest the beauty—or kiss the living daylights out of her!

Stacey wasn't about to tell the sexy, take-charge lawman about her urgent family errand. Especially when she realized that Dane was friends with those upstart Wilders! But after days and nights spent in close proximity with the handsome sheriff, Stacey found herself in danger of revealing the whole truth—and losing her heart in the process….

"Janis Reams Hudson's THE LAST WILDER has a great sense of humor beginning with Stacey and Dane's calamitous first encounter and winding up when quips fly fast and furious at a family gathering of all the Wilders of Wyatt County."  4 Stars  —Pamela Cohen, Romantic Times Magazine



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