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Hawaii-1.jpg (30104 bytes) Researching a book can be tough work.  Oh, the sacrifices we authors make!  Just look - I had to drag my husband, Ron, all the way to the island of Hawaii to research a future book.  Here, after a hard day of snorkeling to investigate local sea life, we were preparing to do intensive research on Hawaiian food and customs.   (Okay, we went to a luau.)

And yesI had temporaarily changed my hair color <g>.   (This is the "I've been in salt water all day" look.)

This shot was taken after the luauas you can perhaps tell, because we're actually smiling in this one.  (Note the progress of the sunburn on Mr. I Don't Need Sunscreen's forehead.) Hawaii-4.jpg (23133 bytes)
Little Snapper and his mama, Casey

This one's a little fuzzy, but these critters weren't too keen on posing <g>.  This is Casey and her one-day-old baby, Snapper (born 1/23/99).  They are Barbado sheep, and have thick hair rather than wool.   Snapper's a little boy lamb - okay, a ram.  His daddy is John Deere.   He has an aunt named Kubota, an uncle named Lawn Boy, and a half brother named Ramboy.  As you may have guessed by their names, we bought them so they could eat grass and save us some mowing work.  They did a great job of it, too!  I was sad to sell them when my health required that we move back to the city in 2008.  I still miss them, the ducks, their pond, the pool, the big house, the acres of fresh air . . . You get it.

If you've read some of my Apache books, you might recall the Apache dress that Daniella, Angela, and Serena each wore when getting married.  This is the dress (and me, in 1989).    The actual dress, more than 60 years old when I wore it, was lent to me by Mildred Cleghorn, Chairman of the Fort Sill Apache Tribe, and it was her wedding dress.  The top was handmade by Cochise's granddaughter, Dorothy Naiche Kawaykla; the skirt by Mr. Talbot Godday, Sr. 

Janis in authentic Apache dress

Bears.jpg (32511 bytes)

A few of my friends gathered recently to help me finish a manuscript.   From left to right they are Pinky, Abearham Lincoln (the tall one in the T-shirt and mouse ears), Beary (the tiny white one in the middle), Roary (with the plaid feet and ears), and Jacque, on the end in the mouse ears.  There simply wasn't room for the rest of my bears in the shot.