The Homeward Series


Long Way Home - Book 1 of 2

In defending his mother's honor, Duncan Malone accidentally killed a  man. Now, after seven years in prison, all he wants to do is go home.  But home is Washita, Texas, where he's no longer wanted. His uncle is  dead, his mother is in a rest home, his farm is in the hands of  strangers, and no one will hire him.

No one, that is, except  Franki Taylor.  She and her grandfather now own what was once Duncan's farm, but with a baby on the way, no husband in sight, and her grandfather in the hospital, Franki finds herself exactly where she's lived most of her life, with her back against the wall. Without help, she will lose the farm, and she can't let that happen. This is the  first real home she's ever known and she's never leaving. She's found  her spot and she's digging in. But she's desperate for help and no one  will work for her. No one but the ex-con who would like nothing better than to see her fail.

Forced to rely on each other to keep the  farm out of the hands of the man who is trying to destroy them both,  they strike a bargain, Franki and Duncan, to stand shoulder to shoulder,  to trust each other, rely on each other, and face whatever comes their  way.

Even if what comes their way is . . . love. 


 "...entertaining with well-developed  characters.  Some are humorous, some are hateful, and some need to be  tossed out of town!"  — Debbie Sims, Romantic Times Magazine 

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All the Rooms of My Heart - Book 2 of 2

Stressed-out workaholic Whitney Sheridan takes a leave from her  high-powered cable news job in New York when her last living relative,  Aunt Claudia, dies and leaves Whitney to settle her estate in Washita,  Texas.  Determined to perform her duty to the aunt she loved, the aunt  with whom she spent her childhood summers, Whitney heads west, planning  to get everything taken care of and get back to her New York news job  within a few days.

She hadn’t planned on the people of Washita.   Her old friends from her childhood summers, her aunt’s friends, her  aunt’s neighbors.  Heavens, over a hundred people came to the funeral.

Then  there was the house—it was in no shape to sell.  And maybe if Whitney  hadn’t distanced herself from Aunt Claudia years ago when she determined  to shut down her emotions and concentrate on her job, she might have  known that Claudia owned a consignment shop featuring the works of local  artists.

First things first.  The house required work.  Local  carpenter Adam Burkett had already begun, so Whitney agreed that he  should finish.

Adam would finish, but not because Miss Big City  Sheridan “allowed” him to.  He would do it for Miz Henderson, because  she had loved all the rooms of the old house.  But he didn’t have to  like the woman who abandoned her aging aunt, leaving her to die with no  family around.

Yet why, despite his dislike and disapproval of  Whitney Sheridan, does Adam find himself drawn to her more strongly  every day, when he goes to work on Miz Henderson’s house?  Probably  because he sees beneath that hard, emotionless shell Whitney presents to  the world to the woman who loved her aunt and is trying to shield her  wounded heart from pain and damage.  If Adam knows anything, it’s how to  repair damage.  All he has to do is keep himself from getting hurt  while loving Whitney. 


 "...a delight to read.  The hero and heroine are intelligent and well depicted, and there are a  number of warm and wonderful secondary haracters."  4½ Stars, a Top Pick!   — Susan Mobley, Romantic Times Magazine

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The wilders of wyatt county

#1 Their Other Mother


Meet  the Wilders of Wyatt County, Wyoming, in this first book of Janis Reams  Hudson's stunning 5-book series about family loyalty, honor, and love. When  Wyoming rancher Ace Wilder looks up and sees his late wife's sister  climbing out of her annoying little red sports car, he has to grind his  teeth to keep from swearing. Belinda Randall just has that effect on  him. But he can't swear, because his three young sons are around. A moment later he learns that Belinda has come in her mother's stead to  serve as Ace's housekeeper until he can hire a new one after his aunt left recently.

Ace  and Belinda together? Oh, boy. Ace's two brothers look on and grin.  Yessir, it's gonna be a real interesting summer on the Flying Ace Ranch. The  fireworks are about to begin.

And begin, they do!

 "...filled with fast dialogue and disarming characters."  --Pamela Cohen, Romantic Times Magazine 


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#2 The Price of Honor


Everyone in Wyatt County, Wyoming, knew that beautiful Rachel Wilder and  that handsome Shoshone Indian Grady Lewis were inseparable since  childhood.  Nothing was going to keep them from fulfilling their pledge  to love one another forever.  Until that horrible day when Grady left  town in a cloud of dust.

Now, here we was, years later, walking  back into Rachel's life, with a pint-sized replica of . . . himself?   

The rumors all those years ago, then, were true.  Grady had a son.  But  Fate was giving them a chance to set things right.  Would Rachel listen  this time instead of turning her back on him?  Could she still love him  after five agonizing years?  And, would she be able to accept the young  boy whose existence she had never let Grady explain? 

"...keeps readers' emotions flowing via  powerful scenes, generously drawn characters and strong conflict.  Keep a  tissue handy.  4½ Stars Top Pick!  —Pamela Cohen,  Romantic Times Magazine 



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#3 A Child On the Way


From the moment she came to and found herself being rescued from a  wrecked car in a blizzard, she considered Jack Wyatt to be her knight in  shining . . . Stetson.  He made her feel safe and cared for, when she'd  felt neither for way too long.  How odd that she could remember such a  thing about herself.  Now . . . if only she could remember her name!

Jack  Wilder didn't know what to do about this woman he'd pulled from her car  that he'd found nose-down in the ditch in front of the vacant line  shack where he planned to sit out the blizzard. Her driver's license  said she was Lisa Hampton. Her eyes said she had no idea who or where  she was. She was surely married. Wasn't she?  And she might say all the  right, polite words, but he saw fear and mistrust in her eyes.  As  they waited out the storm, Jack slowly gained her trust, but what was he  supposed to do about these feelings growing inside of him?  He didn't  have room for a woman in his life, even if he wanted one, which he  didn't.  She deserved a man who would love her.  

Jack didn't know how to  love a woman.  She deserved better than him, for herself, for her  child.  Yet no matter how many times he told himself that, his feelings  for her kept growing. When was this damn snow going to stop so he could get her back to civilization? 

"Hudson weaves together good character development and strong romantic elements."   —Pamela Cohen,  Romantic Times 



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#4 Daughter On His Doorstep


 Trey Wilder never thought he'd be standing out in the middle of his  alfalfa field when he got the shock of his life.  The shock was a baby  girl, plopped right down in his arms by a nurse while the attorney next  to her congratulated him and called him Daddy!  What?  Who?  When?  How?   But it all turned out to be true.  It was that wild weekend in Las  Vegas barely ten months ago with that beautiful dancer, who, it turns  out, does not want the child he accidentally gave her.  Oops.  So now  what was he supposed to do?

He was rescued by Laurie Oliver, the  niece of his brother Ace's housekeeper.  Laurie and her two young  daughters need a place to stay while waiting for their house to be  refurbished, and Trey desperately need help caring for the baby girl he  has already fallen head over heels in love with.  How was he supposed to  know he would fall just as hard for Laurie's adorable daughters, and  for Laurie herself?  But she has a job and a home to return to in Utah.   Will he be able to convince her to stay out here in the wilds of  Wyoming?  With him and his baby? 

 "Fan favorite Ms. Hudson pens another winner with striking characters and powerful emotional scenes."  4 Stars     —Pamela Cohen, Romantic Times Magazine

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#5 The Last Wilder

No sooner had Dane Powell been elected Sheriff of Wyatt County, when a gang of cattle rustlers hit t

He's got that part right, thinks Stacey,  who chooses to remain anonymous. She doesn't know why she let her  grandmother talk her into this mess in the first place, but she has  sworn to the woman that she won't reveal her name, what she was really  doing out on the Flying Ace in the middle of the night, or have anything  to do with the Wilders, all while doing a favor for her grandmother.   What a mess.

Then Dane, being a lawman, learns her real name,  but that doesn't tell him anything.  All he knows is that he wants to  kiss her, and she can't seem to keep from staring at his lips.  What's a  man to do?

When the cattle rustlers learn someone may have seen  them, they come after Stacey.  Now Dane must protect her while chasing  the bad guys.  The last time he had to protect a witness, he got her  killed.  He can't do that again.  The safest place for her is at the  Flying Ace, where she refuses to go.

 "Janis Reams Hudson's  THE LAST WILDER has a great sense of humor beginning with Stacey and  Dane's calamitous first encounter and winding up when quips fly fast and  furious at a family gathering of all the Wilders of Wyatt County."  4  Stars    —Pamela Cohen,  Romantic Times Magazine




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The Men of the Cherokee Rose

The Daddy Survey


Book 1 of 3

"On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being not at all and 10 being very, very,  very much, how well do you like little girls?  Puppies?  Ice cream?"


Sloan Chisholm  stared down at the little girl in the roadside café. She and her younger  sister were as cute as all get-out with their survey. But their mother was a knockout,  and Sloan knew he was a goner when he impulsively invited Emily Nelson  and her daughters to stay at his Oklahoma ranch.

Why had the handsome  rancher opened his home to Emily and family without even a reference? He  clearly had more than a job in mind when he asked the hardluck widow to  cook for him, his grandmother and two brothers. The big surprise for Emily was  how passionately she desired him. In Sloan's arms, she was  rediscovering love, and teaching her irresistible host what hearth and  home really meant.

 "Each character is warm and likeable, but Libby and Janie steal the show with their touching and humorous antics."  4½ Stars  —Susan Mitchell,  Romantic Times Magazine 


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The Other Brother


Book 2 of 3


Neighbor  to the Cherokee Rose ranch all her life, Melanie Pruitt had a special  relationship with each Chisholm brother. Sloan was her crush, Justin,  her fun pal, and Caleb, her best friend in the whole world. But when a  simple dance with Caleb at Sloan's wedding reception led to an  unexpected and steamy kiss, it stunned them both.

 Were they friends or  lovers? Aroused and confused by their earth-shattering kiss, Melanie  soon realized Caleb meant to woo her. The last thing she wanted, though,  was to lose her best friend—even if it meant gaining the man of her  dreams. Would Melanie fend off Caleb and his Chisholm charm, or end up  in his arms—forever?

"...a warm, romantic  story of friends falling in love.  Clever repartee, some nasty bad guys  and lots of sizzle make this latest in The Men of the Cherokee Rose  series shine!"  4½ Stars, Top Pick!  —Susan Mitchell, Romantic Times Magazine

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The Cowboy On Her Trail


Book 3 of 3


Small  town girl Blaire Harding had always kept bad boy Justin Chisholm at  arm's length. But after months of wooing, she finally agreed to let him  into her life—and her bed. After one remarkable night, Blaire avoided  the youngest Chisholm brother like the plague, leaving Justin to wonder  why…. When he discovered that Blaire was in the family way, the rogue of  Cherokee Rose was eager to do the right thing and marry her. But the  independent Miss Harding would rather raise her baby alone than marry a  man who didn't love her. Could this cowboy convince her that he cared?  Or would he end up trailing her across the state of Oklahoma?

" honorable, stand-up hero to sigh over and an independent heroine to cheer for."  4½ Stars  —Susan Mitchell, Romantic Times Magazine


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The Rangely Series

Resist Me If You Can


Book 1 of 2


When Kat Comstock arrives in Rangely, Colorado,  she takes one look at the man across the street and determines that he  is the man she intends to spend the rest of her life with. But Deputy  Sheriff J.D. Ryan has other ideas. Once burned, twice shy. Now, if he  can just figure out how to stop himself from falling in love with her. 

"Plenty of spark, sizzle and humor to keep readers well entertained." 4 Stars  —Pamela Cohen, Romantic Times

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Rangely, Colorado


 The setting for these books, Rangely, Colorado, is where I grew up. It's a real town, in Northwest Colorado, with its own home page.

Check it out by clicking here 

Above is a picture of my mother and grandmother at our house on Morrison, before I ever knew the street had a name, back in the '50s.

Visit Rangely, Colorado

The Mother of His Son


Book 2 of 2

When Beth Martin returns to her hometown of Rangely, Colorado,  after disappearing 16 years earlier, she braces herself for running  into the high school sweetheart who she was told jilted her and married  her best friend. Luke Ryan, now Dr. Ryan, who has never been married,  has hated Beth for 16 years for walking out on him. But one look at her  and he knows he's never gotten her out of his blood. One look at the  fifteen-year-old boy at her side and he knows he's been cheated out of  much more than the girl he loved. He's been cheated out of his own son,  the son he never knew existed. 

"A  moving tale of lies, secrets and love . . . Hudson's characters and the  powerful emotional intensity make this . . . very good reading."  —  Pamela Cohen,  Romantic Times 

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Tribute, Texas

Winning Dixie


Book 1 of 3


When Kat Comstock arrives in Rangely, Colorado,  she takes one look at the man across the street and determines that he  is the man she intends to spend the rest of her life with. But Deputy  Sheriff J.D. Ryan has other ideas. Once burned, twice shy. Now, if he  can just figure out how to stop himself from falling in love with her. 

"Plenty of spark, sizzle and humor to keep readers well entertained." 4 Stars  —Pamela Cohen, Romantic Times

The story is an emotional minefield, whatever the reader's views on organ donation. As such, it packs quite a wallop, especially the ending. -- Catherine Witmer, RT Book Reviews

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Finding Nick


Book 2 of 3


Injured  New York firefighter Nick Carlucci had long ago retreated to quiet  Tribute, Texas, determined to escape his demons. He was done with  remembering—and feeling. And then beautiful reporter Shannon Malloy  hunted him down—and got him back to doing both.

Shannon  refused to let Nick avoid her. She was intent on unlocking the secrets  he kept—secrets that tied in to her own painful past. But when the  tenacious reporter finally gained full access to the elusive hero, would  she get more than a story—say, maybe a one-way ticket to Nick's heart?

"Likeable yet flawed  characters and a believable conflict keep things interesting.  The real  impact, however, comes from the raw, honest references to 9/11."  4 ½ Stars  —Catherine Witmer, Romantic Times Magazine

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Riley and His Girls


 Book 3 of 3

When  her best friend was nominated for a Bronze Star one year after her  death, Amy Galloway went to Tribute, Texas, to support her friend's  widower—and children. Never one to put down roots, Amy was surprised by  the warm welcome she received from builder Riley Sinclair and his  adorable daughters.

But Amy  hadn't expected to be attracted to handsome Riley. Nor had she expected  the girls to treat her almost like…well, like a mom. And as the  Sinclairs drew her further into their circle of love, Amy began to  realize that Tribute might just be the home she'd been searching for all  her life….

"...timely and deeply touching, but it has plenty of sweetly humorous moments too.  Keep a tissue handy."  4½ Stars  Catherine Witmer,  Romantic Times Magazine

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single Titles

Until You



Anna  Collins is an uptight, no-nonsense bookkeeper who carries heavy  responsibilities, struggles financially, and has no real concept of  "fun."

Gavin Marshall is a wealthy, carefree, fun-loving practical-joker.

How can  these two people possibly be attracted to one another?  Yet, while Anna  learns, at Gavin's insistence, how to have fun, Gavin starts having  some very serious thoughts about the woman who is is opposite in nearly  every way.

She never knew how to laugh—until Gavin.  And he never knew how to love.  Until Anna.

"Janis  Reams Hudson's utterly irresistible hero, emotional depth and rousing  good time make until you...quite enjoyable reading."  —Pamela Cohen, Romantic Times Magazine

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Remember My Heart


A Reincarnation Romantic Suspense

 Since the age of nine, Jennifer Franklin has been haunted by the same  terrifying nightmare, over and over.  She is stunned one day to read her  dream, word for word, in the pages of a new bestselling novel by New Orleans  author Brett McCormick.  She makes it a point to meet him, and their  reaction to each other startles them both.  It’s as if . . . they’ve  known each other forever.  Jennifer believes they have, because her  heart remembers him.  Brett does not believe in such nonsense, but he is  still unable to resist the attraction between him and Jennifer.

Fate,  and Brett’s desire to protect Jennifer from whoever is stalking her,  takes them to a plantation near Baton Rouge and plunges them into a  cauldron of feelings and memories both terrifying and loving, as they  find themselves mirroring the lives to two lovers from more than a  century earlier.

But if Jennifer and Brett are reincarnated  lovers, they were not brought into this century alone.  The evil that  murdered them both in times gone by has been reborn with them.  Once  again the evil wants Brett for herself, and Jennifer is in the way.   This time, Jennifer vows, Brett will not be killed in her place. But he  will not allow her to protect him.

Together they must find a way  to defeat the heartbreak of their past and grab onto the love that has  brought them together again, this time, forever.


"I became so involved, I  couldn't put it down until the marvelous ending.  As a first time reader  of this author, I was impressed by her writing and really enjoyed this  mesmerizing book."  —Mari Guerrero, Old Book Barn Gazette

"...clever, poignant and absorbing tale of undying love and madness.  Settle in for hours of reading pleasure!"  —Jill M. Smith, Romantic Times Magazine 

"If [Janis Reams Hudson's] name is on the cover, that's all I need to pick it up. Once again the lady comes up with an absolute bell ringer. --Ann Wassal, Ann's World, South Bay Cable

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His Daughter's Laughter



Amanda Barnett had everything  a little girl ever wanted. She had a big, strong daddy and lived on a  Wyoming ranch. She even had a horsie to ride. But Amanda was lonely,  because the one thing she didn't have was a mommy to love her. So, when  she and her daddy met pretty Carly Baker, it seemed like a dream come  true. Neither Tyler Barnett nor his solemn daughter could resist Carly's  warm, loving ways. Could she be the one person who could touch the  heart of Tyler's little girl... and turn his daughter's frown into  laughter once more?  And what about his own heart?  Could Carly mend  that, too?

"Ms. Hudson fills her romantic offering with tender moments, wonderful characters and slow-burning passion."  4 Stars   —Pamela B. Cohen, Romantic Times Magazine

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