Foster Love



U.S. Agent Morgan Foster’s six-month assignment in Central America turned into a four-year struggle for his life, running and hiding, trying to get back home to his four children. When he finally makes it, he receives the shocking news that his ex-wife had been pregnant with his fifth child when he’d left the country. He has five children, not four! Even more shocking, his ex was killed in an accident two years ago and his five children were shuffled off to a foster home. They live on a farm. In Oklahoma, of all places. He’s never been to Oklahoma, but he did time as a foster kid on a farm. No way is he letting his kids stay in virtual slavery one second longer.

Sarah Collins doesn’t know how she would have survived the death of her husband if not for the five wonderful foster children they took in months earlier. Unable to have children of their own, she and Gary had loved these kids as if they were their own. Now their real father is here, vowing to take them away!

Sarah is torn. The children need a father. The man, she can see, wants his children. Knowing she will likely lose any battle over custody, she invites him to stay in her spare room to give the kids time to get to know him again. But why, oh why, does Sarah feel pulled toward him, as if he and his children were meant to be in her life? And what, Heaven help her, is she supposed to do about it?

RITA Award Finalist for Best First Book of 1991

National Readers Choice Award Winner for Best Short Contemporary  Romance of the Year, 1991


“Ms. Hudson’s characters are extraordinarily appealing, and the emotional intensity is simply outstanding.” (4+)

Romantic Times

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