Short Contemporary Romance

Foster Love


Deep Fork Trilogy, Book 1

 U.S. Agent Morgan Foster’s six-month assignment in Central America  turned into a four-year struggle for his life, running and hiding,  trying to get back home to his four children.  When he finally makes it,  he receives the shocking news that his ex-wife had been pregnant with  his fifth child when he’d left the country.  He has five children, not  four!  Even more shocking, his ex was killed in an accident two years  ago and his five children were shuffled off to a foster home.  They live  on a farm.  In Oklahoma, of all places.  He’d never been to Oklahoma,  but he’d done time as a foster kid on a farm.  No way is he letting his  kids stay in virtual slavery one second longer.

Sarah Collins  didn’t know how she would have survived the death of her husband if not  for the five wonderful foster children they had taken in months earlier.   Unable to have children of their own, she and Gary had loved these  kids as if they were their own.  Now their real father is here, vowing  to take them away!

Sarah is torn.  The children need a father.   The man, she can see, wants his children.  Knowing she will likely lose  any battle over custody, she invites him to stay in her spare room to  give the kids time to get to know him again.  But why, oh why, does  Sarah feel pulled toward him, as if he and his children were meant to be  in her life?  And what, Heaven help her, is she supposed to do about  it?

  • RITA Award Finalist, Best First Book
  • National Readers Choice Award Winner, Best Short Contemporary Romance of 1991.

  • “Ms. Hudson’s characters are extraordinarily appealing, and the emotional intensity is simply outstanding.” (4+)
           —Romantic Times 

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Coming Home


Deep Fork Trilogy, Book 2

With her marriage over and her reputation in shreds, Lacey Johnston  returns to her hometown of  Deep Fork, Oklahoma, to lick her emotional  wounds and start her life over.  But the comfort and support she  desperately needs from her parents are denied her.  Her parents believe  every lying word her state senator ex-husband told them.

Lacey’s  parents aren’t the only ones her ex has fooled.  Word has spread through  her hometown, including to her childhood friend and hero Clint  Sutherland, who is now the mayor and lives next door to her parents.   But even rumors of her infidelity and his further political aspirations  cannot dim the sparks of attraction that flare between Lacey and Clint. 


  • "Janis Reams Hudson’s gutsy heroine will capture your respect and  admiration, while the steamy love scenes will leave you breathless. This appealing romance is written with the powerful emotional intensity characteristic of the very best authors in the genre. A powerful book." (4+)  —Melinda Helfer, Romantic Times

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For the Thrill


Deep Fork Trilogy, Book 3


Down-to-earth widowed mother of three, hometown girl of Deep Fork, Oklahoma, waitress in her father’s café, Maggie Randolph takes one look at tall, dark-eyed Alex Dillon, and wants nothing to do with him. He’s brash, cocky, and too darned handsome for his own good—and he knows it. If all that wasn’t bad enough, the foolhardy idiot is a damn rodeo bull rider, just like her late husband.

It doesn’t take long for Alex to realize that being sidelined in Deep Fork with an injury from his latest bull ride wasn’t such a bad deal, after all. It takes just one look at green-eyed Maggie and he’s a goner. When he learns her late husband died in a bull riding accident, he wonders if he wants Maggie enough to give up the rodeo. She’s made it plain she won’t have anything to do with another bull rider. Or is he using the woman he’s falling in love with as an excuse to quit riding because he’s afraid to rodeo again?

As Alex worries over his own possible cowardice in the rodeo, Maggie realizes she has come to love him enough to stop trying to keep him away from the bulls. Alex, too, has realized something—bull riding doesn’t mean squat next to the love he feels for Maggie. But she deserves a man who’s not a coward. He makes one last ride, to prove to himself he’s not afraid. And Maggie can’t stay away.

They both survive and rush into each other’s arms. Alex has won the ride, and the woman. He no longer feels the need to ride bulls, as long as he has Maggie. Maggie assures him that he does, indeed, have her.

  • 1993 National Readers' Choice Award, Third Place, Short Contemporary Category

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Sammi's Heart


Sammi Carmichael has lost her husband to a car accident, her self-confidence to her husband, her finances to her late husband’s debts. But she has a knack for solving production problems on the job at Elliot Air, and the promotion to a newly-created executive position, plus a boss who believes in her, restores her self-confidence and her finances. But when her boss suffers a heart attack and his son moves home and takes over the company, Sammi’s job, the only thing in the world she’s good at, is threatened. Nick Elliot doesn’t believe she or her job are necessary. She realizes she has two choices: prove him wrong, or find another job before he fires her.

Nick at first believes that Sammi and his father have had a thing going on, and that’s how she got her cushy job. But he’s surprised when he sees several items circled in red in the Help Wanted ads lying on her car seat. Maybe she knows she’s not needed. Except, Nick is starting to think that maybe he needs her. For himself. He can’t get this beautiful woman out of his mind. He quickly learns that his assumptions about Sammi and his father were wrong. Right after he learns the curves of her body and the taste of her lips. How is he supposed to live without her? She can’t leave!

Then he realizes he’s been wrong about something else. The company does need her and her ideas. Now he must convince her that he should be as important to her as the job is. He wants it all—a great executive who knows how to take the company forward and get them back to building aircraft again, which Nick’s been wanting to do for years, and he wants the woman. Sammi Carmichael. And Sammi’s heart. All he has to do is convince her that he won’t break it.

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Truth Or Dare


Rachel Fredrick needs a job in the worst way, but knows she’ll never find one—at least, not a legitimate one—if anyone recognizes her, and her past comes to light. But she has to provide for her children. So, she dons baggy clothes, a hideous wig, and green-shaded glasses, and goes in search of a decent paying job. She might not bother with the disguise, but for the sake of her children, to keep them from being exposed to vicious headlines and nasty gossip about their mother.

When she walks through the door of Jared Morgan’s office at Channel 3 TV, Jared is suddenly called to engineering for an emergency. When he returns hours later, not only is his applicant still there, but she has caught him up on all his pending correspondence, organized his incoming mail, and prioritized a stack of phone messages. Rachel Fredrick is definitely the one to fill the position as his secretary. Maybe she’s also The One. The attraction he feels is instant, and strong. Not even her dowdy appearance can keep his blood from heating.

Rachel knows she can handle the job, but how is she going to handle Jared, when she feels the pull of those deep green eyes? And what will happen when he learns who she really is? She will lose not only a man she is coming to care deeply for, but also the job she needs so desperately.

Then a reporter from her past appears and threatens to bring her world crashing down. She has to tell Jared the truth. Yet how can she, when telling him means losing him, and exposing her children to terrible gossip about her past?

But Jared, and fate, have a different future in mind. If only Rachel will give them a chance.

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For love and duty series

Book 1, Caught In the Act


Trace Youngblood needs a place to hide. He’s been betrayed, shot, chased, and soaked to the bone by a spring thunderstorm, but will the back of Lillian Roberts’s van take him to safety, or to his downfall? 

Lillian Roberts has secrets of her own, and problems, like what to do with this bloody stranger hiding in her van. The ruggedly handsome rogue OSBI agent they talked about on the news. The one holding a gun on her.

Despite her better judgment and the sparks they strike off each other, she hides him under her bed when his fellow agents bang on her door in a house-to-house search. It’s not long before the attraction between the school teacher and the fugitive cop becomes uncontrollable and they end up in bed. Lillian has always yearned for a man of her dreams, and now, here he is.

But can she trust him not to destroy her heart? Can he trust her with the same? If he asks her for forever will she turn him away?


· Romance Writers of America’s RITA Award finalist for Best Short Contemporary Romance of the Year,

· A Romy nominee (A Little Romance) for Best Short Contemporary of 1995

· Waldenbooks Series Romance Best Seller, week of 2/11/95.

“…a delightfully engaging tale of Romantic Suspense.”

—Linda Anselmi, Romantic Times Magazine

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Book 2, Thick as Thieves


Undercover OSBI agent Harper Montgomery came home to bury his brother, but couldn’t leave until he found out why Annie, the love of Harper’s life, had not waited for him, but had instead married his brother and given him a son, who was now nine. Harper is stunned to realize the old feelings are still alive deep inside him. But are they real, or merely ghosts from his past?

Annie had loved Harper desperately. And now, here he stands, beside her husband’s, his brother’s, grave. Yearnings she had not felt in ten years stir to life inside her, but she has no right to them.

Then Annie’s house is ransacked. She receives threatening phone calls, and Harper knows it has something to do with Mike’s death. Annie said Mike had been drunk when he’d left for work that last time. The autopsy did not mention that. Things did not add up.

Together they have to find the answers, and, at the same time, decide if their feelings for each other were from years ago—the boy he had been, the girl he had loved—or could the woman she has become love the man he now is? And would her son learn to accept Harper in his life?

 "A handsome Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation agent discovers some painful truths about his relationship with his sister-in-law and her son when he attends his brother's funeral in THICK AS THIEVES. Janis Reams Hudson handles the strong mainstream elements of this complicated plot with dexterity, presenting a nicely paced sensual romance."--Linda Anselmi, Romantic Times Magazine

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Book 3, Angel on a Harley


The thunderstorm and the man rolled into Two Oaks, Texas, at the same time. Dark and angry, both of them seethed with potential violence. One glance at either had mothers calling their children inside away from the potential danger. Small animals darted for shelter.

The thunderstorm blew in from the north on a late spring cold front out of Canada. Dalton McShane, with his long black hair whipping out behind him in the wind, roared in from the south on a Harley.

Faith Hillman is not what he expected from a lying scam artist claiming to carry his child. For Faith, he is not the same Dalton McShane who waltzed into town six months ago and left her alone and pregnant. But when her newspaper office blows up in her face—literally—it is this new Dalton McShane who saves her life.

Can they work together and find the truth behind the lies, the bomb, and her father’s death, which is looking more and more like murder? Can they learn to trust each other?

The one thing they cannot seem to do is avoid falling in love. Fate has determined that their past hurts be healed and their hearts learn to love again.

"The life of a small town newspaper woman is saved by an ANGEL ON A HARLEY (4.5) when a bomb explodes in her office. Just what is the connection between this mysterious stranger and the attempts on her life? Janis Reams Hudson's sensational romance features full-bodied characterizations and meticulous plotting. A joy indeed!"

--Melinda Helfer, Romantic Times Magazine

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Book 4, One Rainy Night



With a killer on their trail, strangers Zane Houston and Becca Cameron find themselves stuck with each other and on the run for their lives.  Into the teeth of the stormy night they flee—an ex-cop bent on self-destruction, and a woman who gives new meaning to the term "bad luck."  But as the storm worsens, the night grows darker, and the killer closes in on them, Zane suddenly finds a new reason to live, and Becca learns that when it comes to the man at her side, her luck isn't all bad.  Now, if they can just survive. 

  • "Mercy!  Wait until you read this . . . fast-paced stunning story.  This is one adventure after another.  Superb reading!"  (4 1/2) ― Donita Lawrence, Bell, Book and Candle
  • "The pacing is absolutely superb in this intelligently crafted, warm and delicious love store." (4 1/2)  ― Melinda Helfer, Romantic Times

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Book 5, Spontaneous Combustion


The first time they meet, sparks flew. The next time, he saves her from a burning building. Then, when he carries her to safety, he kisses her, and a brand new fire erupts. For Mary Jo Simpson, widowed mother of two, the attraction nearly singes her with its instant heat. And, attraction aside, she doesn’t like it, not one little bit. Jack Riley is a firefighter, damn his hide. Never again will she have anything to do with a man with a dangerous job. She has already buried her father, her brother, and her husband. Fire Chief Jack Riley isn’t getting anywhere near her heart.

Oh, but Jack wants to get near Mary Jo’s heart. Near it, up against it, burrowed deep down inside that heart of hers. Only two problems keep him from pursuing her with everything he has. One, he’s been burned by more than one woman who came on to him for the thrill of being with a firefighter. Adrenalin junkies. He doesn’t exactly get that vibe from Mary Jo. He can’t accuse her of coming onto him, and it’s just as well, since she happens to be his number one suspect in the arson fire he rescues her from at the jewelry story where she works, and the police chief’s number one suspect for the major theft that occurred during the fire.

But when Mary Jo starts getting threatening calls from the real thief and arsonist, she and Jack are forced closer together to keep her safe and solve the crimes. Falling in love wasn’t in the plans for either of them, but it was happening. If only they can stay alive to find out if it’s real.

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