Western Historical Romances


Apache Magic - Book 1 of 6

 After a night of unspeakable horror, at the hands of the Chiricahua  Apaches, Daniella Blackwood found herself rescued and adopted by none  other than the great leader Cochise, himself.  She was then honored,  respected, cherished.  Their shaman declared that the streak of white in  her hair was put there by a lightning bolt shot straight from the arrow  of the Thunderbird, who sits at God's side.  The visions she sees in  the flames are magic.  She is magic.  Woman of Magic.  Yet no magic can  protect her from the vile hatred she faces when she returns to her real  father.  But his hatred is nothing compared to the pull she feels at  seeing a yellow-haired white man in one of her vision flames.  He  searches for his son, who was captured by Apaches.  Knowing that she can  help get his son back for him, Daniella sets out to find this man.  She  is led to the Triple C Ranch, to a man called Travis Colton.

To  Arizona rancher Travis Colton, this woman with her outlandish story  about being able to find his son, Matt, is a lunatic.  Until she removes  her hat and he sees that long streak of white in her otherwise black  hair.  This is her!  The one they're calling Woman of Magic.  And she  appears to be his only chance to find Matt.  He might not trust her, he  might not even truly believe her, but when he looks into the depths of  her pale blue eyes he is compelled to follow her to hell and back if  necessary.  And long before either of them realizes it, they are both  compelled to follow their hearts and respond to the passion that rises  between then.  The passion they cannot ignore. 

"A novel to savor, of the magic and healing powers of love.  For  Indian Romance readers who favor realism and authenticity, drama and  passion, APACHE MAGIC is a feast.  Make room for Janis Reams Hudson on  your keeper shelf."  -- Kathe Robin,  Romantic Times Magazine 

Paperback Book Club of America's BookraK Bestselling Zebra Heartfire of 1991

Romantic Times Magazine 1992 Reviewer's Choice Award, Best Indian Romance


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Apache Promise - Book 2 of 6

The fate of a nation rested on her slender shoulders. Taken hostage by  Apaches, Angela Barnes did not realize that if she escaped, and the Army  found out she'd been captured, the fragile peace between whites and  Apaches would break and the entire territory would go up in flames--the  flames of war. She did not know, did not care. She only wanted her  freedom!

But Arizona rancher Matt Colton knew, and he had the means  to stop the war from exploding. If only the beautiful white girl would agree to marry him--in name only, naturally--and never tell what had happened to her, the fragile peace could be maintained.

Angela saw  the truth, that this stranger was her only way out, and agreed. Something in his eyes made her want to trust him. But when Matt Bear Killer Colton and Angela, whom the Apaches called Eyes Like Summer  Leaves, were united in marriage at the Apache camp where Matt spent part  of each year as an adopted member of Cochise's tribe, their marriage of  convenience, in name only, turned into something else entirely. Sparks  of passion lit their wedding night, passion as hot as the Arizona sun, promising to burn forever in their hearts. An Apache Promise.


Janis Reams Hudson, one of  the most sought after new writers, has penned Apache Promise, the  sequel to Apache Magic. It's emotionally intense and a fabulous love  story on a grand scale.  —Kathryn Falk, Publisher, Romantic Times Magazine 

"APACHE PROMISE fulfills Western readers' dreams." (4+) --Kathe Robin, Romantic Times

This is a fast moving romance in the best sense of the word.  —MHJ,  Rendezvous 


Paperback Book Club of America's BookraK Bestselling Zebra Heartfire of 1991

Romantic Times Magazine 1992 Reviewer's Choice Award, Best Indian Romance


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Apache Temptation - Book 3 of 6

Nineteen year old Serena Colton was a woman grown, not the child her  entire family still saw her as. Long ago she had buried her dreams of a  man to love. The man she loved, had loved her entire life, was forever forbidden to her. She had learned to live with this heaviness in her  heart. She was used to it.

But now he needed her. He was hurting.  Hurting himself and his entire family. He has given up on life. To ask  him, all he wanted was to be left alone to wallow in his misery. But  Serena decides enough is enough. She bullies and badgers him back to  health. And when his eyes fully open and he realizes this tender young  bully of a woman cares so deeply for him, he is powerless to resist the  temptation she presents.

But life is not so simple. The Army is  riding down on the Apaches at the reservation; Geronimo is threatening  to take his warriors and leave. The Coltons have spent years working to  keep the peace between whites and Apaches. Plus, a madman is on the  loose, bent on revenge. And Serena is in his way. 


 "The emotional intensity is breathtaking."  — Kathe Robin, Romantic Times


 Colorado Romance Writers' 1994 Award of Excellence 


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Apache Legacy - Book 4 of 6

Jessica felt her blood boil, even as her heart broke, when her  half-brother Pace was thrown onto the train in chains, bound for prison  in Florida with Geronimo. Not while she still lived and breathed! Vowing to free him, she boarded the next train and followed.

Captain Blake Renard is ordered to accompany her to make sure she does not succeed. Hating Apaches—especially Geronimo—the way he does, for their destruction of his family, he is shocked to find himself attracted to  the fire-breathing Jessie.  Never has he met a woman like her.

Will  he keep her from her mission, as he’s been ordered, and earn her eternal  hatred? Or will he help her save her brother and give up his life-long  dream of vengeance against Geronimo, all for the love of this woman? 


"As always, Janis Reams Hudson weaves a  stirring, emotionally intense tale of deep passions, exciting history,  colorful historical personages, and a marvelous romance. APACHE LEGACY is an absolutely dynamite read. 

4 Stars (Excellent) —Kathe Robin, Romantic Times Magazine 


"APACHE LEGACY is extremely well written and will do much to add to  the mystique of the Janis Reams Hudson legend.  This Native American  historical romance will be read in one sitting and will leave the audience wanting even more."
 Affaire de Coeur  - Harriet Klausner 


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Apache Heartsong - Book 5 of 6

 LaRisa Chee was torn from her father’s side when their people, the  freedom-loving Chiricahua Apaches, were imprisoned in Florida. She, along with all the other children, was sent to a white man’s school in Pennsylvania, while her father and everyone she had ever known remained behind and battled disease, unsanitary conditions, starvation. Even after The People were moved to Alabama, they continued to die by the  dozens. LaRisa’s hatred of whites grew and grew. Then one day, a white  man came for her, saying her beloved father, whom she had not seen in  eight years, was dying and he was asking for her. Did she dare trust  this man? He was white, and white men lied. Yet, what choice did she  have?

But the school will not let her leave.  She’s an Apache. She can’t just walk away from the school run by the U.S. Army. LaRisa takes her only chance and agrees to marry Dr. Spencer Colton so she can leave Carlisle Indian School. The sparks they strike off each other ignite a hot desire between them. Things are further complicated when they reach Alabama and her dying father makes her promise to stay  married to Spence and return to Arizona with him, to never live as a  prisoner of war, like the rest of their tribe. To ease her father’s  mind, LaRisa and Spence both agree, thinking that once in Arizona, they  can each go their separate ways. But their passion for one another makes that impossible. All LaRisa wants is a wide open land where she can stand beside a true warrior and let her heart sing. Not until it’s almost too late does she understand that Spence is a warrior. He is her warrior. And he makes her heart sing.


"A first rate, beautifully moving novel." (4 1/2 stars!)  — Harriet Klausner,  Affaire de Coeur


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Apache Flame - Book 6 of 6

 Known as Fire Seeker to the Apaches, Chiricahua half-breed Pace Colton  is on a mission.  His step-brother’s daughter has gone missing in  Mexico, and Pace is determined to rescue her from the evil murderer  known as El Carnicero—the Butcher.  Even if it kills him.

But  Joanna is not completely helpless.  High-spirited and strong willed, she  manages to free herself from captivity and flees.  But freedom is  short-lived—El Carnicero’s henchmen are after her, and closing in.   Then, out of nowhere, rides her childhood hero, Pace, to the rescue!   Together they race toward the Sierra Madres on a terrifying, thrilling  adventure.  To their amazement, they both learn that love burns bright  in the Mexican desert.  Joanna prays that if she can love him enough to  hold him, she can heal his tortured soul.  As Pace fights for their very  lives with blazing guns and his defiant, Apache heart, he will be able  to claim his destiny.  For he knows that his destiny is Joanna. 


"APACHE FLAME is an explosive and  passionate romance highlighting Ms Hudson's remarkable talent for  writing dramatic, emotionally intense love stories with the power and  passion to put them among the very best of the genre. Her intensly emitonal romances seer your soul. APACHE FLAME is a real masterpiece."  4.5 Stars  (Exceptional) — Kathe Robin, Romantic Times Magazine 

"Janis Reams Hudson has penned five previous books in her Apache series, tracing the Colton family saga through three generations. APACHE FLAME is a tribute to her incredible talent. With prose that at times achieves poetry, Ms. Hudson captivates her reader as surely as Joanna's flame-haired beauty captivates Pace. Janis Reams Hudson has given us a story so lyrical and yet so earthy, description and action that literally have the readers white-knuckled, and characters so vivid they seem to speak in the reader's ear. Thank you, Ms. Hudson. (4.5 stars) -- Ricky R. Mallory, Affaire de Coeur

"Entertaining in the extreme. Janis Reams Hudson's books make me proud to be a Chiricahua Apache." --Ann Wassal, Ann's World, South Bay Cable


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Single Title Western Romances


Wild Texas Flame

 When Sunny Thornton’s ranch is placed in jeopardy as the prize in a  ruthless takeover, she realizes she must now stand on her own two feet.   She must keep the ranch, for her father’s memory, for the future of her  three younger sisters, and for herself.  With her hands full, she has  no time or inclination to take on anything else.  Until she learns that  no one in town is taking care of Ash McCord, who was shot  in the back  and paralyzed saving her life during a bank robbery.  She owes him her  life.  What does she care if the town disapproves of her taking in a  convicted back–shooter who has just spent five years in prison. She  cannot turn away from him, even when he tries, repeatedly, to push her  away.  As far as Sunny is concerned, Ash paid for his crime.  Not only  does she owe him her life, she cannot resist the pull of his brilliant  blue eyes and his hard, lean body, both of which stir her deepest  desires and set fire to her passion.

Ash McCord knows he has to  protect golden–haired, headstrong Sunny Thornton from her enemies, and  from himself.  He can’t let her know how much he wants her, how much  he’s coming to care for her.  He must protect her, and at the same time,  uncover the truth about his unjust imprisonment.  Clearing his name has  been what he’s lived for for five years.  But first, he must learn to  walk again; he will not tie her to a cripple.  And when he does walk, will he have the strength to walk away from Sunny, as he knows he  should—she’s too good for an ex-con—or will he yield to her soft  caresses, her sweet, sweet lips, and lose himself forever in her  boundless love? 


 “This is a story to be read and reread, each time giving you a deep-down feeling of wonder at the beauty of love.” —RT Book Reviews


Colorado Romance Writers' 1993 Award of Excellence 



Hawk's Woman


When Hawk Shelby was nine years old he fell head-over-heels in love for the rest of his life with six-year-old Abby McCormick, but the deck was stacked against him. Abby was the apple in her father’s eye, the jewel of the Circle M Ranch in Comanche County, Texas. Hawk was the half-breed illegitimate son of a man who never even looked at him. Everyone tried to discourage and sabotage Hawk and Abbie’s love, but no one could come between them. Until someone bushwhacked Hawk, beat him nearly to death, then dragged him behind his own faithful horse until he was left to die.

After mourning Hawk for four years, Abbie is shocked when he storms back into her life. He’s alive! For one brief, hopeful instant, she believes he has come for her. But Hawk has come for another purpose entirely. He’s come to make her father pay for trying to have him killed. Hawk is going to destroy the Circle M, which Leeland McCormick loves. Imagine Hawk’s surprise to find himself partnering with McCormick and Abby to save the ranch from someone else who is trying to destroy it first. It is a test of courage as the past and present collide with pride and desire. Can their love survive? 


 "A wonderful story of  human courage, and love that triumphs against all odds.  This is a  KEEPER for all time.  Breathtaking!   6 Bells!!!"  — Lori Bradley, Bell, Book and Candle

"Janis Reams  Hudson's words illuminate the pages of her unforgettable Indian  romances.  Hawk's Woman shimmers with emotion and the characters glow  with life.   Don't miss this or any of Ms. Hudson's books."  — Rickey Mallory, Affaire de Coeur

" . . . intense,  passionate, adventurous and riveting . . .   With words and action  [Janis Reams Hudson] delivers a powerfully heartfelt and intense story  of a Romeo and Juliet who would rather fight for justice than die for  love.   A compelling reading experience."  — Kathe Robin,  Romantic Times

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Warrior's song


She needed a knight.


Nineteen-year-old Brianna Flanigan prays for a white knight. She has a fight on her hands, one she doesn’t intend to lose. As head of the family since the death of her parents, she must raise her younger brothers and sisters and keep the family’s ranch together, even though the most powerful and ruthless man in the county is determined to take it away. She just doesn’t know if she can do it alone.

She got a warrior.


One man has the courage to stand beside her and help. A loner half–breed called Wolf, a man used to taking on all comers and winning. But now he sees the one prize he cherishes above all others, yet knows he doesn’t deserve it—the love of a beautiful Irish woman, right there on the plains of Colorado. He has no family, no home. Not even a real name. Nothing to give this valiant woman.

But somehow they form a union and stand shoulder to shoulder against their common foe, as if they’re destined to be together. As if their love could be for real and will be strong enough to survive Wolf’s brutal past and Brie’s vicious neighbor trying to steal her ranch. They will risk it all for love and family and home. All things Wolf has never known.


 "Ms. Hudson knows how  to play on readers' heartstrings and strum an emotionally powerful  tune.  Exquisitely rendered and imbued with a deep sense of family love,  WARRIOR'S SONG is another masterpiece from this consumate  storyteller."   (4½ Stars)  — Kathe Robin,  Romantic Times

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the arapaho touch duo

Book 1 -- Winter's Touch


 Caught in the middle of growing tensions between whites and Indians,  Winter Fawn  is torn between her late mother’s people, the Southern  Arapaho, and her white father, the only white man she’s ever known.   Until the night the warriors drag Carson Dulaney into camp.  He is her  father’s best friend, and she vows to help him, regardless of the  consequences.

In the dead of night, she helps Carson, his  daughter, and his sister, along Winter Fawn’s father and brother, escape  from the warriors bent on vengeance.  

Carson is astounded by  her courage when she throws herself in front of him and takes the arrow  meant to end his life.  Into the night he carries her, as the ragged  group of escapees flee into the mountains toward the dubious safety of  Carson’s ranch.  Winter Fawn and Carson must place their trust in each  other and face their destiny, to save themselves, and her tribe. 


"...a deep sense of family love, WARRIOR'S SONG is another masterpiece from this consummate storyteller." (4 ½ Stars)  — Kathe Robin, Romantic Times

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Book 2 -- Hunter's Touch


 Bess Dulaney and Hunter McDougall have loved each other since they were  too young to fully understand what that meant.  Then Hunter realized  that he could not yet give Bess the life she deserved.  His pride would  not let him marry her and take her to live in his dirt-floor cabin.  But  he loved her so much, wanted her so much, that he didn’t trust himself  around her.  So he tries to keep her at arm’s length.

Bess fears  his actions mean he no longer loves her.  After two years of agony, she  decides it’s time for proof that he still loves her.  She confronts him  at his cabin, but before she can get his declaration of love she so  desperately wants, a gang of vicious outlaws bursts in on them and  kidnaps Bess.

Hunter is not a half Arapaho warrior for nothing.   He trails the gang and rescues Bess.  But something is drastically  wrong.  A head wound has left Bess with no memory of Hunter, of her  past.  No memory, even, of herself.  Yet still, she falls in love with  him.  Hunter is left to pray that the girl who once loved the boy he  used to be, would still love the man he now was.

And he must kill the outlaws who hurt her. 

"With her always-wonderful storytelling talents, Janis Reams Hudson spins another tale, bringing readers back into the Dulaney and MacGregor lives. These intellegent, engaging characters capture the aura of the West as they rediscover love." --Kathe Robin, Romantic Times

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